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Neka Art Museum



its about 3,7Km from Hotel Agung Resort Ubud

nekaThe Neka Art Museum is a museum located in Ubud on BaliIndonesia,

Established by Suteja Neka, a Balinese teacher who collected Balinese art with the advice and help of and advice from the painters Rudolf Bonnet and Arie Smit among others, it opened in 1982

Over the years, there has been a strong commitment to constantly improve the museum.

Present a richly illustrated introduction to the history of the major styles of Balinese painting.

Individual essays examine some of the important characteristics unique to classical puppet figure works, transitional style paintings, and different regional developments of art found on the island.

Other sections cover contemporary paintings by artists from Bali, other parts Indonesia, and abroad.

For centuries the island of Bali has produced some of the finest examples of religious art. Under the influence of Western aesthetics, various seculer styles emerged which combined indigenous and foreign elements in several different ways.


neka museum

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